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First Things to Do if You Detect Water Damage

By First Call Restoration | Nov 20, 2020
Ceiling Water Damage Repair Cost in San Antonio TX

Water damage is one of the most disastrous and damaging things you can ever encounter. Luckily, taking prompt action guarantees the circumstance is properly dealt with. Whether you're a house owner or a renter, we're here to supply all the necessary measures required. Continue reading to understand what to do in case you notice water damage in your home. If you need water damage restoration san antonio tx, give us a ring today.

Call your Insurer

In the event of critical water damage, we advise contacting your insurer first. Depending on the protocol you have, the damage might or might not be dealt with. In the meantime, record the value of every damaged item and take as numerous pictures as possible. An insurance adjuster from the insurer will evaluate the condition and identify if it is a covered loss. Understanding what is covered and what is not will aid you develop a retrieval plan for your budget.

Take note: Do not make any substantial changes to the residential or commercial property as you might end up breaching a term in your insurance plan.

Recognize the Source of the Damage

House owners and boarders need to find out the source of the water trouble prior to attempting to restore something. Doing so helps you alleviate the threats, securing your house from more damage. If possible, take the necessary steps to stop the circulation of water into your home. If you can not discover the cause of the leakage, call us to examine the circumstance.

Look for Indications of Mold

Looking for mold and mildew is crucial to ensuring your residential or commercial property is not damaged more than it currently is. Watch out for mildewy smells and visible mold and mildew spores on surfaces and roofs. If you discover any of these indication, we advise consulting us on mold clearing. Minor mold concerns require to be eliminated, put it in a bag, and discarded instantly. It is necessary to be aware, as some molds are poisonous to the human body.

Safety First

In case of flooding or water damage, aim to keep you and your household secured. We do suggestions on:

Turning off the electricity supply.

Wearing protective gear such as rubber boots and gloves.

Avoiding areas with loose ceilings.

Not coming into contact with contaminated water.

Protect your prized possessions.

Eliminate any valuables such as cash or precious jewelry and store them in a safe and dry location. You can likewise raise wood furniture from the moist flooring area. Moreover, eliminate carpet and any loose objects that could be on the ground area.

Tidy up

Before you alleviate the water damage, ensure that your home is safe. Have us evaluate the location, and as soon as we provide you the go-ahead, you can start tidying up. If possible, the clean-up should start within 24 to 48 hours of re-entering your residence. We also use water damage restoration services to guarantee all damage is eliminated.

Drying the House

If you stop working to try the necessary steps in draining your home, mold will eventually start to flourish. We normally utilize business wet vacuum and dehumidifiers to get the job done. If you are drying the room yourself, be sure to use protective clothing.

Water Damage Restoration

When all the standing water and moisture in the house have been eliminated, the restoration procedure might start. Normally, we utilize a certain assessments tool to check if the house's moisture degree is normal. If the damage is severe, the process may take a while. Our restoration services include replacing damaged floors, cabinets, and big areas of drywall.


Water damage can have lasting repercussions on your home. If you noticed any water damage, call us. Our target is to mend your property as fast as possible and guarantee it's safe once again.